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“We are a trusted legal firm known for excellent, respected and people focused services in Western NSW.” – Andrew Boog

On 9 April 1888, John R Edwards opened the doors of his first office in the town of Broken Hill. In 1933, Mitchell Austen Brown (better known as Austen Brown) and Thomas John Brown took over the reigns. After a few fires, some changing of hands and the mining boom, Andrew Boog arrived on the scene in 1983.

With expansion the goal, an office was opened in Dubbo. Austen Brown Boog (formerly Austen Brown Thompson) was birthed in 1995. The Dubbo office was small when it first started, with only two (2) staff members, but has now grown to eleven (11) with one (1) consultant.

The doors to the Broken Hill office has since been closed, however, we still provide services to clients from Broken Hill and Wilcannia right through to Orange and Bathurst.

We are committed to seeing country businesses, gov. departments, families and individuals receive legal services with excellence – that help people, meet needs and build community!

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